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Who we are

Improving people’s health and wellbeing takes time. Fortunately, that is our purpose and passion here at One Wirral.

We collaborate across sectors and organisations finding areas that require extra assistance to reduce health inequalities – helping to bridge gaps in health services and support. Our agile approach means we can help people through practical and innovative solutions that really make a difference.

We are also committed to towards measuring and managing the social value our organisation is creating, which is why we became a Social Value UK Organisational Member. It allows us to understand the impact of decisions and wellbeing changes on people’s lives that goes beyond measuring finances.

By focusing on social value, it means that we are able to:

  • Be accountable to our stakeholders, which allows us to be taking responsibility for the role that we are playing in their lives
  • Manage our activities so we are able to maximise the social value that we are creating
  • Encourage best practice as an organisation
  • Reduce our assumptions about the way that our activities create value through outcomes

Through implementing this approach, it gets rid of ineffective ‘tick boxing’ practices – we involve people across different sectors and groups, listening to what they have to say and then being accountable for how we use that information on improving.

Our Core Values


Our aspiration is to help organisations unlock opportunities for success by working together and learning from others. We believe our role in enhancing the wellbeing of our community consists of facilitating co-operation which transforms into services that deliver outcomes that our population want.


Our community needs are diverse and quickly evolving. The best way to efficiently respond is to prepare in advance for future challenges. We actively seek opportunities and identify potential concerns, to prepare plans that maximise our resources and help achieve the best possible outcomes.


Facilitating people’s wellbeing is complex and requires more than medicine alone. A holistic approach to wellbeing requires inspiring organisations willing to try and test new ways of doing things. We celebrate and support innovative ideas with the potential to improve who we are and what we do.


We work to the best of our abilities to design clear plans which save time and resources. Our goal is to make things easier for organisations that work to benefit our community. We learn from listening to what they really need and create tailored strategies with practical and operational value.


Resilient communities require flexible systems that enable an efficient response to the rapidly changing needs of individuals We quickly design, adapt and modify our projects to guarantee the services our citizens want and at the time they need them.

Our Vision

Better lives, better communities!

Our Mission

To improve the health and wellbeing for those on the Wirral through innovative projects and services.

What is a CIC?

Being a Community Interest Company means that we represent the interest of the local people. We are a not-for-profit organisation which reinvests any funding and profit back into the community of Wirral.


  • Investing in people: supporting organisations in developing the potential of their staff via training, employment opportunities and staff wellbeing.
  • Investing in our place: working with people and organisations together to improve the places we live in.
  • Investing in projects: listening to the things the community are telling us would benefit them and supporting them to make those visions a reality.

Why we do it

Reducing Inequalities

There are significant differences in the status of people’s health, between varying groups of individuals, across the Wirral. This includes life expectancy, access to quality and experienced care as well as behavioural differences.

We want to ensure people have equitable access to services that make their lives better, including those that go further than providing medical services alone. There are plenty of suggestions out there to help people with non-clinical aspects of their lives, which are key to their wellbeing.

We are keen to support these ideas, help them realise their potential and build a more resilient community together.

Promoting collaboration and cultural change

At One Wirral, we believe that uniting healthcare and community organisations will benefit the people of Wirral.

Together, we can make the changes that our communities need.

To achieve our ambitions for Wirral, we work with organisations of all sizes, NHS to voluntary and community sector, and directly with individuals; promoting honest open conversations and leadership that plays to our collective strengths.

How we do it

Our teams have the expertise and drive to make solutions a reality.

With a collection of enormous knowledge of the health industry and sectors, we know how to adapt to people’s needs. We can then use these skills to apply innovative solutions and tools to make care delivery easier.

One of the ways we do this is through ‘Asset Based Community Development’. Our Community Development Workers identify new ideas, opportunities and resources that currently exist within the community, that requires conversations with organisations, grassroots groups, volunteers and communities.

They listen to their ideas and work together to develop solutions which include other individuals, associations or institutions who share similar goals and bring added value to their projects.

This way, we can aid collaboration to create alliances, maximise resources and achieve the greatest community impact.

Our Team

Natalie Young Calvert


Karen Livesey


Debbie O’Neill


Angela Calcott

Office Manager

Paul Wood

Enterprise Lead

Daisy Berry

StaffBox Account Manager

Debbie Wilson

Programme Lead

Katie Landon

Marketing & Communications Officer

Rachel Stott

Partnership Lead

Lucy Holmes

Wellbeing Lead

Scott Morgans

Health Creation Manager

Julia Thomas

Nurse Practitioner

Rhian Davies

Prehabilitation Administrator

Josh Grace

Trainee Associate Psychological Practitioner

Elaine Anderson

Prehabilitation Practitioner

Felipe Davis-Guzman

Prehabilitation Practitioner

Lucia Wheeler

Prehabilitation Practitioner

Steph Hartley

Prehabilitation Practitioner

Sue Smith

Clinical Education & Workforce Lead

Our Certifications & Accreditations

Since we were founded, our team look for opportunities to develop our knowledge, and to aspire us to be the organisation we want to be. Please see below some of the certifications and accreditations we have earnt over the few years.
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