Kindness in the Workplace

Published on 10/09/2021

What can be done to help?

Acts have worked in partnership with Chester University and Macmillan to develop 2 training sessions:

Kindness awareness raising (1 hour)

This looks at what kindness is, and the benefits of kindness. It explores people’s motivation to carry out acts of kindness and talks about the kindness journey starting with self-awareness, leading to people’s habits changing to routinely carrying out acts of kindness. 

It will finish describing some ‘take away tools’ to try including a random acts of kindness postcard and a work sheet.

Kindness workshop (2 hours)

Participants will firstly explore what kindness is and what it means to them. There will then be a short introduction to the ‘kindness journey’ and how we first need to be kind to ourselves before we can be kind to others.

We will then explore the barriers and opportunities in our organisations, and communities. We will finish by exploring ways we could carry out acts of kindness and have some take-away actions to try to create a kinder culture within our teams and wider organisations.

Why we are doing this?

Acts is a charity that believes acts of kindness, and encouraging others to carry out acts of kindness can have a positive impact on an organisations culture.  By equipping individuals and teams with tools to inspire, motivate and encourage people to carry out acts of kindness.  This will have a ripple effect outwards creating a more supportive and cohesive organisation.

How to do it?

Run 2 workshops, and a presentation, recorded, edited and uploaded to an online learning platform.:

Workshop 1 (Practice)

One Wirral/PCW staff, cancer care coordinators

Workshop 2 (Health Care professionals, including cancer healthcare professionals)

Approach: Dawn Miller, Lead Cancer Nurse WUTH, Kate Greaves, CCC for staff who would volunteer, Hulewen Sheldrick AHP lead C&M


Recorded by Sonia – bite size clips, lunch and learn, call to action



·         Improve individual’s wellbeing as a consequence of carrying out acts of kindness


·         Give people the opportunity to refresh and reflect about their compassion and kindness

·         Create or improve organisational culture to be more supportive through encouraging kindness

(Link to acts of Kindness website)

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