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Diabetes Prehabilitation

Prehabilitation is the practice of enhancing a patient’s functional capacity before surgery, with the aim of making long-term positive behavioural changes. Prehabilitation has shown improvements in length of stay, post-operative pain, and complications. Using a personalised care approach, we identify what is important to the patient and use it to motivate and empower behaviour change, reduce HbA1c, weight and improve health and wellbeing. The service’s aim is to reduce the risk of having surgery postponed, which could be due to high HbA1c or high BMI.


How do we do it?

We offer a tailored health and wellbeing scheme delivered by a team of health professionals and a Diabetic Specialist Nurse who help those to physically and mentally prepare for surgery through lifestyle support and medication management/optimisation.

This is a community led model working in collaboration with Wirral University Hospital Trust, Wirral GP Practices, community organisations, Wirral Library Services and Wirral Leisure Services. Like our Cancer Prehabilitation programme, this service is also tailored and personalised to the individual based off their needs and interests.

…I have been able to get a grip on my blood sugars largely due to the fact that I can now use the libre 2 freestyle to help me monitor my blood sugars on a much more regular schedule and understand the impact of certain types of foods…

…I am happy to see that my blood sugars have been a lot lower and there have been a few occasions where I have experienced a hypo which I have not done so for years. This has led to me being able to reduce my insulin from 90, 3 times a day so that now I can adjust and find a dose that works better for me…

…I never understood those people who said that they enjoyed exercise and who said they felt in a better mood after exercise. Well, I can say that this service has made me do a 180 on my views, I now look forward to the diabetes exercise classes each week. I can’t thank the entire team enough for this service and the support it has provided me to help make a change...

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