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NHS Flexible Staff Pools Framework

In 2022, StaffBox joined the Flexible Pools framework, which allows a variety of healthcare professionals such as bank, freelance and locum, to work in a flexible way, within their own schedules. Staffbox is one of only 8 tools on the framework.

To help Primary Care Networks (PCNs), there was the acknowledgement that there needed to be greater support in managing staff pools, with the aims; to deploy local GPs flexibly, to help with extended access services, increase capacity in those practices and allow local GPs flexible contracts and new work opportunities. From that, a framework was created that contains a list of approved digital suppliers who can provide increased support to local systems.

Recruitment agencies are typically used by GP practices and PCNs to source the staff they need, which leads to huge costs, which instead, the NHS could save and reinvest. According to 2023 reports, 46 of 215 NHS trusts had already spent a total of £46,336,807 on management consultants and recruitment agencies. By being on this framework, we can help the NHS reduce some costs and provide reassurance to practices and its staff that we have satisfied due diligence from the system itself to then provide necessary staff.


How are we doing it?

Staffbox is our unique IT platform that helps create a more flexible and mobile workforce for primary care. This system offers the opportunity to expand the pool of the primary care workforce by making it easier to recruit, retrain, learn and grow; for example, retiring GPs contributing clinical time outside their own practice. As of July 2023, we have delivered 5,670 hours of GP time via StaffBox, in just 11 months. We also work with the Urgent Treatment Centre in Arrowe Park, Wirral, supporting the resourcing of GPs there.

Clinicians, receptionists and practice managers have supported the design of our platform every step of the way. The StaffBox team have honed a collaborative approach through the development of ARRS roles, cancer services, extended access, vaccine and covid positive (hot) hubs and training programmes with Primary Care. These services were developed and delivered in partnership with GP practices, PCNS, GP Federations, Community Trusts, Hospitals, NHSE, CCG, CVF sector and communities – relationships we continue to nurture.