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Wirral's Core20Plus5 Action Group

Wirral’s Core20Plus5 Action Group: Making Health Fair for Everyone

We actively work with the Wirral Core20Plus5 Action Group, which is all about creating a fairer and healthier future for everyone in Wirral. By focusing on those who need it most and addressing key health areas, we’re working to ensure that everyone, no matter their background or circumstances, can live a longer, healthier life.

Through collaboration, innovation, and community engagement, we’re dedicated to making significant progress in reducing health inequalities across Wirral.

What is Core20Plus5?

Core20Plus5 is a national plan by NHS England/Improvement to tackle health inequalities. It aims to help those who face the biggest health challenges and ensure they get the care they need. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Core20: Focuses on the most deprived 20% of the population, identified through the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD).
  2. Plus: Targets additional groups that also struggle with poor health outcomes but aren’t fully captured in Core20. In Wirral, this includes ethnic minority communities, people who misuse substances, individuals with multiple health conditions, and people with learning disabilities.
  3. 5: Concentrates on five key health areas: maternity care, severe mental illness, chronic respiratory disease, early cancer detection, and hypertension case finding.
Core20Plus5 Infographic with desired outcomes

Sourced: NHS Core20Plus5 website page

What Does the Wirral Core20Plus5 Action Group Do?

Our Wirral Core20Plus5 Action Group is here to put the Core20Plus5 plan into action locally. We’re dedicated to improving health outcomes for those who need it most. Our main goals are:

  1. Reducing Health Inequalities: We’re tackling the health gaps among the Core20 and Plus groups by addressing the social factors that affect health and ensuring everyone gets the care they need.
  2. Focusing on Key Health Areas: We’re working on the five priority health areas to improve outcomes for these critical issues.
  3. Working Together: We’re teaming up with a wide range of local health and care providers, community organizations, and public health experts to create and implement an effective action plan.
  4. Listening to the Community: We’re engaging with people in Wirral to understand their health experiences and needs, making sure our efforts are centered around them.
  5. Being Accountable: We’re setting up strong governance to monitor our progress, evaluate our results, and stay transparent in our actions.

Why Does Wirral Need Core20Plus5?

Health inequalities in Wirral are significant, and various factors contribute to these disparities, such as socioeconomic status, location, and demographic differences. The Covid-19 pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis have made these issues even more urgent. Here’s why we need Core20Plus5 in Wirral:

  • Geographical Differences: Health outcomes vary widely across Wirral, with more deprived areas facing worse health conditions.
  • Vulnerable Populations: Certain groups, like ethnic minorities and people with complex health needs, encounter more barriers to accessing care and achieving good health outcomes.
  • Social Factors: Elements like housing, education, employment, and the environment significantly impact health and need to be addressed alongside healthcare interventions.

How Are We Making a Difference?

  1. Data-Driven Solutions: We’re using population health data to identify priority areas and design tailored interventions for the Core20 and Plus groups.
  2. Collaborative Leadership: Our group is co-chaired by our One Wirral director, Karen Livesey, and the NHS Integrated Care Board, ensuring strong leadership and coordinated efforts.
  3. Community Projects: We’re working with local organisations to develop projects that address both health and social determinants of health, ensuring a comprehensive approach.
  4. Innovative Practices: We’re identifying and implementing innovative solutions to enhance healthcare delivery and outcomes for our targeted groups.
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation: We’re setting clear, measurable goals and regularly reviewing our progress to ensure we’re meeting our objectives.

Who’s Involved?

The Core20Plus5 Action Group brings together a range of organisations and stakeholders committed to reducing health inequalities in Wirral including: